Companies are often looking for the most sure-fire way to create award-winning teams that always land the biggest sales and lead the way with customer service and satisfaction. Achieving these goals requires more than just lofty aspirations, though. The right sales onboarding and coaching methods are crucial for taking top talent and turning them into the kind of sellers that work best with corporate vision, but even securing these types of outgoing individuals may seem an illusive task to some organizations.

Sales technology reviews site, Software Advice, recently picked up on this idea with a spotlight on HubSpot, a unique strategy for pulling dynamic content marketing into the picture in terms of sales talent management. As senior vice president of HubSpot Mark Roberge told the source, it’s easy to zero in on the best candidates for a position during the hiring process and continually curate superior responses from personnel in order to gain better revenue and increase growth. It’s all a matter of knowing what to look for in staffing and the right sales process tactics to use.

Roberge stressed that there’s a critical balance between the power of sales staff members and the resources a company offers them. On the one hand, employees have to be capable of connecting with a customer and creating a positive outcome. At the same time, organizations need to offer their personnel the tools and sales coaching necessary to get them to that point. By creating a constant flow of leads and holding representatives responsible for their turnover rates, it’s possible for companies to see better output from all of their sales professionals.

Increasing lead options
More than that, though, the pressure for firms to keep people interested in a business and its offerings can seem a bit overwhelming when already trying to balance the one-to-one training for top personnel and still watching analytics for revenue forecasts. The most important factor that many companies overlook while trying to cover these two bases, Roberge said, is the one that can provide the most insight into how to drive sales teams more effectively – inbound marketing.

This tactic allows businesses to create social media presence and promote the corporate culture without having to constantly cold-call, make pitches or extend sales efforts in directions that are not guaranteed to succeed. Incorporating SEO and technology savvy into every sales coaching session can help representatives stay more in tune with what their customers want and how they act, as well as creating better ways of bringing clients to the company with their interests already piqued.