Setting goals and instituting gamification can help employees understand what targets they should be aiming for at designated time intervals. However, these ideas may not be substantial enough to accommodate modern trends in the business and consumer spheres. Changing focus may sound broad-reaching and difficult to execute, but there are simple factors that organizations should consider.

As Modern Distribution Management stated, one of the primary factors leaders should look at is the quality and training of their workforce. Sales onboarding shouldn't end completely after the first orientation is complete. In order to forge a strong sales associate, educational opportunities should be continuously offered, and incentives provided for those who take the initiative to better themselves for the good of the company.

The point here, the source stated, is that when employees improve their acumen and experience, they can better serve their businesses and clients at once. Teaching opportunities keep the workforce updated on the latest technology and trends, new laws, sales techniques and changes in the way people interact with one another. This in turn makes them appealing candidates for internal promotion and other rewards, encouraging others to work hard while making lifelong connections with employees, Modern Distribution Management wrote. Sales coaching is therefore a great way to improve personnel performance, but it needs to be coupled with other teaching outlets.

Getting the whole picture
Keeping up with what audiences want is a great way of boosting revenue, iMedia Connection reported. This means everyone in the organization, from executives to customer support staff, needs to be offered learning opportunities. With the integration of social media and mobile devices into the business world, sales coaching needs to address how best to use these resources. They will need outside or additional educational tools to teach them what these tools do, though, and how to implement them.

The source stated that one of the most valuable assets social and mobile media provide is letting sales associates know in real time what customers like and how they're doing compared to set goals. Gaining more insight from regular interactions with clientele will allow organizations to cater to their whims, thereby increasing the odds of making a sale. The easier it is for business personnel and private consumers to make use of sales portals, iMedia wrote, the more likely it is that subsequent interactions will be positive.