Houston, Texas February 26, 2014 – Canidium Partner and Co-founder Doug Erb recently spoke at a Lunch and Learn Session with Third Coast Bank at Post Oak Grill in Houston, TX.

Third Coast Bank’s lunch and learn is the first in a series titled “Third Coast Bank Brings you the Experts,” which features leaders from small- to medium-sized businesses in the Houston area

Guests include local business consultants, CPAs and business owners, alongside Third Coast Bank CEO and President also in attendance.

Doug Erb, Canidium Co-founder and Managing Partner, presented “Managing Sales Growth and Your Sales Force.” Erb discussed managing high sales within an organization and how planning and execution strategies help with roadblocks. Other factors, including current market conditions, high growth opportunities, and future market state are also important, Erb says.

About Third Coast Bank:

Third Coast Bank is a financial institution focused on small- to medium-sized businesses, business executives, professionals and individual consumers, Third Coast Bank prides themselves on building sustainable partnerships with their customers and within their community.

About Canidium:

Canidium is the leading provider of sales performance and incentive compensation management services that optimize the ratio between compensation and sales. Canidium’s unbiased, value added approach utilizes best practices and the best breed of vendors to implement and integrate sales incentive and compensation systems, as well as supporting business intelligence and analytics in order to achieve optimal results in line with a company’s overall business strategies.