After a successful day one, our team can’t wait to see what day two has in store! Take a look at day one highlights from Canidium VP of Technology Services, Jason Kearns.

The conference’s opening keynote was delivered by Xactly CEO, Chris Cabrera, and re-emphasized Xactly’s commitment to being  laser focused on the incentive compensation space.  Chris stated that 30% of the payees being paid via Xactly are not sales people – a sign that incentives are a growing element of our business world.

Cabrera invited two current customers on stage to discuss their success stories with Xactly: Cox Automotive and Cox Automotive has leveraged Xactly Connect to improve the accuracy of their data from 93% to 99.9%. The rep from discussed their partnership with Xactly and how they’ve been able to manage a sales organization that went from 300 to over 10,000 in 9 years with Xactly support.

Cabrera also shared his thoughts on Xactly Insight, stating that it’s one of the most important features brought to the market in the last 20 years. Insight uses aggregate data across Xactly’s customer base to create bench-marking.  During day one of CompCloud, Xactly announced the release of Insights for Sales, which caters specifically to sales leadership. With this new module sales leadership has visibility into new dashboards, scorecards, team account health, and performance. In addition, Insights can also identify trouble spots in performance and alert leaders to take action.

During the show, conference attendees also had the opportunity to hear about the launch of another Xactly product, SimplyComp. This tool is a self-service version of the compensation tool that caters to organizations with 25 or fewer payees, allowing a services-free user-driven online implementation. By enabling clients to set up their own system, a client now has the power to be up and running in a matter of hours. Click here to learn more about this tool and Xactly’s announcement.

The guest keynote speaker was Amy Purdy, double amputee and professional snowboarder. Adding to her list of accomplishments, Purdy has authored a best-selling book, co-founded Adaptive Action Sports, won runner-up in ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and has become a powerful and inspirational motivational speaker. Purdy has helped pioneer the development of better prosthetics to aid in the participation of action sports. She gave an inspiring message about turning your setbacks into opportunities. Purdy claims her own success started with a huge setback in her own life: developing meningitis at 19 and losing both of her legs below the knee. After her motivating speech about overcoming obstacles, copies of her book were given out to conference attendees.

Later in the day the Canidium team attended a session by our very own Dave Kohari and Drew Chandler, titled “The Amazing Race: Journey to SPM Success.”  In this session, Dave and Drew discussed the steps required to work towards increasing your program’s effectiveness and increase ROI. With this interactive presentation, we also learned that the most popular tourist destination in the world is Bangkok. Who knew?

In the evening, Xactly invited partner sponsors to the Hotel Vitale rooftop terrace, overlooking beautiful San Francisco. We wrapped up our first day at CompCloud with wine, crab cakes, artisan pizza and a view of fog rolling in over the San Francisco skyline – not a bad way to end day one! Our team is looking forward to all the great times day two will bring.

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