Coaching Programs in Manufacturing Applications

By Cheryl I. Part II of this installment can be found here

Production-line employees are rarely motivated by a company’s vision statement. They care about earning a living, and they want a sense of community. It’s also important to them that their voice is heard, and that they can initiate improvements that will reduce job frustration or deliver other personal rewards.

Measuring and improving the performance of individuals on a production line can be an overwhelming task. An employee coaching program can help with this by:

  • Encouraging employees to take more ownership of their assigned tasks
  • Helping employees understand what is needed to reach desired goals
  • Providing open communication and regular feedback
  • Giving managers the opportunity to learn about any changes that may be needed on the floor (tools, process improvements, training, etc.)
  • Reducing employee turnover and increasing job satisfaction
  • Enabling employers to more quickly determine which employees are a bad fit for the company

With the ability to set customized KPIs, a coaching program module offers insights into individual performance and trends that may not be noticed on a day-to-day basis.

Employee motivation can be enhanced by setting production KPIs for line leaders (which trickle down to production workers) that result in a group reward. An example would be a competition between lines, where the most productive line for the month receives a reward. These KPIs can be tracked and shared with production employees, allowing them to improve their performance on a daily basis.

Unlike annual reviews, coaching offers employees an opportunity to improve their performance in real time, based on individual and group KPIs. This means that employees will know they need to improve before their behavior becomes a personal limitation or a deficit to company performance and profits.

Production-line coaching can yield great results, and a coaching platform can help make it possible with the least amount of effort and cost. Reach out to Canidium experts to see how an employee coaching program can help your manufacturing business.