Companies need top talent in order to attract, retain and engage the most customers. They also need to offer appealing options to these highly esteemed personnel in order to keep these people with the organization. However, it's not always an options for organizations to hire the best and brightest, and in many cases, emerging technology could put yesterday's most tech-savvy employees in the past. For these reasons, it's essential that businesses provide ongoing and comprehensive sales coaching. That way, everyone can gain a better level of excellence and encourage a higher standard of excellence throughout the entire organization.

Training for success
There are plenty of training courses, seminars, learning applications and a variety of different tactics companies can take in an effort to encourage more expertise and insight from their personnel. However, as Training Zone pointed out, many of these deployments tend to be generic and lacking in engagement themselves. In such cases, it can be hard for companies to get staff members interested in these resources. Even when they can encourage adoption, these tools don't offer the kind of in-depth, industry-leading information that personnel need in order to remain competitive.

As employees are unlikely to retain everything they learn in a sales coaching meeting, the source stated that it's best to focus on core values and reinforcing the most important aspects that organizations need their personnel to take away from these sessions. The 10 percent that employees retain for the six months following training should be the core values, best techniques and general selling tips that will carry them to greater levels of excellence. These facts and ideas can be reinforced during that time with one-to-one sales coaching, but it's up to firms to make all of these resources available to personnel of all kinds.

Raising the effectiveness bar
Despite staff members only remembering up to 10 percent of the data they gather during sales coaching, many firms still remain confident in their educational offerings. These entities offer more formal training opportunities than most and spend more time working on reinforcement measures like refresher courses and better sales coaching outlets.

According to a study by AXIOM, around two-thirds of firms currently use these kinds of superior techniques, focusing on what personnel need to know and making sure there are opportunities for ongoing education. What's more, these businesses are invested in metrics gathering and analytics. This lets them see how effective their training is and tweak programs and offerings appropriately.