Are your sales reps spending too much time quoting and not enough time selling? Do you want to enable your customers and partners with self service capabilities to easily and quickly generate quotes and orders?   Do you want to optimize the value proposition of your products to customers while also having a positive impact on your own bottom line?

As an independent software vendor or organization, your aims of elevating sales effectiveness, driving operational efficiency and improving customer service, will likely face some serious challenges. In our webinar, we will be covering how to improve your ability for quoting complex products and services, as well as enforcing marketing, pricing and sales strategies in strengthening your corporate brand.

We are offering an industry focused tutorial by one of our best CPQ experts on the top ten challenges and benefits of using a “Configure, Price, Quote” solution within your company. Allow us to help you navigate the ins and outs of deploying CPQ successfully and answer any questions you may have about how to drive more value from your existing solution. Click the link to experience our: Top 10 Challenges of CPQ for ISVs Webinar