It's important for leaders to remember that bringing in more money doesn't always mean longer hours or bigger marketing campaigns. When businesses are trying to determine the best way to get better revenue, delivering an enhanced sales coaching message can help drive the right kind of performance to reach that goal. Whether emotional or financial, companies need to find ways of motivating staff and making it easier for them to complete the sale.

Learning to sell better
Sometimes getting a better response from consumers simply requires basic changes to how personnel approach a sale or interact with people. Boston Online wrote that sales coaching staff could learn a lot from Girl Scout cookie sales. One Massachusetts girl was able to sell 3,100 boxes of treats in only four months, crediting her consistent cheerful demeanor and routine sales pitch as the key to convincing more people to buy from her.

"I said 'five for 20' and that won over a lot of people," Samantha Dorgan, the high-selling Girl Scout, told the source.

Companies can encourage a similar approach to their staff in order to gain like results from corporate clientele. Improving demeanor and projecting a more personable facade will allow employees and customers to engage and connect with one another more easily. Adding a compelling sales pitch to the mix can also help ensure that consumers never walk away empty handed.

Enticing better sales
If basic sales coaching alone doesn't get the right kind of revenue results, Call Center Helper recommends using incentive compensation tools. Instead of just handing out money, though, the source stated that experiences and benefits are more popular tools for getting better performance out of personnel. On top of free health and wellness resources, companies can try offering travel to corporate events or remote working options to help top producers feel like they're being given specific privileges.

What's more, the source stated that many of these more modern incentive management tools actually provide companies with returns on their investments. Remote workforce, corporate travel and wellness opportunities all help businesses cut costs in terms of facility upkeep, training and employee health. Other programs specifically teach staff how to reach consumers more effectively while cutting costs for their employers, with the winner receiving a special vacation. These tools help staff members perform better and bring in more sales revenue while also providing the business with an additional benefit.