Citrix Systems, a major player in the technology industry, has decided to go with CallidusCloud as its sales performance management software vendor. CallidusCloud, a widely regarded software solution for the management of sales-related tasks, signed the deal with Citrix in the third quarter of 2012.

The CallidusCloud Commissions platform will be leveraged as a way to drive the performance of Citrix Systems' sales department by automating several tedious processes in compensation management and also outsourcing operation processes.

"Using this solution from CallidusCloud to automate our sales commissions processes has greatly benefited our organization, enabling us to streamline compensation with consistently accurate and timely delivery of commission payments to our sales team," said David Egloff, director of worldwide sales compensation at Citrix Systems.

CallidusCloud is widely regarded as one of the top sales compensation platforms due to the robustness of its features. Many companies utilize it as a way to automate the calculation and payment of commissions across both internal and external sales departments. It also comes with a bevy of modeling and analytics functions, which lends clear insight into the performance of current plans and lays the framework for subsequent ones.

CallidusCloud will also be outsourcing several of Citrix Systems' sales needs to help further alleviate the burden and time costs of having to deal with these matters.

"In addition to the benefits of the CallidusCloud Commissions solution, we've partnered with CallidusCloud to tactically outsource our sales operation processes, enabling our team to focus on core initiatives strategically aligned with our go-to-market plan," Egloff added.

Sales performance management has traditionally been a time-consuming process, particularly when companies are trying to do it without the proper tools. Many businesses still use traditional word processing and spreadsheet software to assist with sales-related tasks, but these platforms are not meant to deal with the complicated nature of sales performance management. As a result, even small errors can have a huge impact by delaying payments or complicating plans.

Companies need to seriously consider using sales performance management software if they don't already. Despite an initial cost, proper utilization of this technology can help companies save money in the long run.