It's important for businesses to have the kinds of messages that best fit their services, but it's also essential that organizations follow through on these promises. Whether selling to businesses or consumers, entities must ensure the statements they make regarding their products are accurate and that personnel are offering the right kind of promised resources to existing customers. Providing better training and sales coaching can help in this process, as an inability to meet the demands of current clients could significantly harm a company's future.

Taking business for granted
According to Fast Company, almost 70 percent of people and businesses that broke ties with a previous vendor did so due to a lack of immediate and timely assistance. The source stated that a Salesforce study showed people who had left their previous suppliers would have stayed with those sources if their problems were resolved in a single phone call, rather than being forced to call back several times to get the right level of support.

Sales coaching needs to focus more on keeping customers, as well as attracting new ones. Fast Company wrote that it's generally accepted as fact in the sales sector that keeping an existing customer is up to 10 times less expensive than trying to bring in a new sale, since the amount of time and effort spent establishing trust is much more significant than working with a current client who already understands what the company's about. Business growth has also been stunted by the idea that many companies simply take customer turnover as a point of fact, rather than fighting to maintain these relationships. In order to ensure that firms are seeing as much improvement and forward momentum as possible, it's important to encourage better understanding of current clients and fostering these positive connections rather than accepting that poor corporate performance will eventually cause these customers to leave.

A one-to-one corporate interaction
Dedicating a member of the sales team to work with a few specific clients can encourage better customer retention. When a staff member knows the intricacies of a customer's needs, the tools that organization needs and how best to cater to the whims of a partner, enterprise-level relationships can be maintained far more easily. Each time a consumer encounters a problem, they know they can count on reaching the same knowledgeable representative that can best meet their demands and solve their problems in a single call, or at least in a far more attentive and expedited manner than many other companies could offer.