The upcoming CallidusCloud Connections summit in London is shaping up to be a major event for lead generation, sales discussion and collaboration among industry leaders around the world. As a substantial player in global sales software and management applications, Canidium is entered into the C3 conference as a bronze level sponsor, earning it a spot as one of the key forces at the UK event. With much of the sales world focused on C3's innovative ideas and new revelations, it's a prime time to get up to speed in the sales management and education sectors.

Learning through sharing
The CallidusCloud Connections 2013 Europe event is focused on giving attendees access to the best in the business in sales coaching, onboarding, training and marketing experts. This series of seminars and workshops will help corporate leaders learn how to cut costs across all their operations while still boosting productivity and quality of output. This can be achieved by increasing monitoring, and the C3 event will instruct managers on how to determine what applications fit their needs and meet these ends. The C3 summit allows people to try out new kinds of applications, learn about emerging technology and get hands-on experiences implementing a variety of different test environments.

It also gives people access to some of the best and brightest minds in sales performance management today. The C3 event helps increase networking opportunities and encourages more cross-talk amongst various business sectors, facilitating better supply chain control and product delivery capabilities. These professionals can offer a wide array of advice on in-depth topics, human resources management, customer retention strategies and employee engagement exercises. Visionaries and industry leaders including CallidusCloud CEO Leslie Stretch, OpenSymmetry sales director Candice Arnold and Vodafone business and marketing development leader Kevin Dorton will be on-hand to offer their insights into their specialized areas of expertise in sales and marketing.

Canidium's support of this event establishes the firm as among the forward-thinking and business-minded companies in sales performance, process and retention strategies. The two-day seminar session runs from October 9th through the 10th, providing attendees with plenty of opportunities to catch up with other executives and sales leaders from competing corporations and potential partners. Canidium's dedication to enhancing sales expertise is helping propel the organization to the forefront of the marketing sector. This most recent participation as a bronze level sponsor of C3 shows just how ready the firm is to get involved in helping its staff learn, grow and share with other sales leaders.