Finding the right sales performance management tools is essential for helping plan end-to-end cultivation of individual employees. These solutions also help organizations strategize and create better momentum for the future, promoting training, quality control, incentivization and performance monitoring. The culmination of these resources grants companies the ability to track and enforce better standards, pick out problems as they emerge and focus on ongoing retention and engagement control.

While these utilities are enough on their own to help gain enough leverage in the workplace, there are critical trends in the sales performance management market that business leaders must take heed of. Technology like cloud computing is having a rising impact on how individual sales representatives conduct themselves, as well as the ways in which clients reach out to businesses. With that in mind, firms need to be sure they are offering their target audiences the resources they prefer so that engagement with these tools can be maximized.

Promoting better futures
Training is one of the most critical areas of focus for sales performance management moving forward. The impact of technology in this sector of SPM will provide organizations with much greater planning and coaching opportunities than they may have previously enjoyed, as metrics and business analytics could be accessible to leaders while on the go. What's more, sales performance and training solutions can help personnel see their own goals and lifecycle elements, helping motivate them and drive them toward future success.

"Technology also helps with transparency in reporting and understanding for sales representatives," said Canidium co-founder and managing partner Doug Erb. "By using specific sales performance management technologies, companies can enforce specific habits – things that employees have been trained on, whether it's product and service understanding or sales methodology."

Focusing on targets
Promoting the right kinds of behaviors in personnel through technological improvements is much easier with comprehensive training and teaching solutions. As Erb pointed out, creating the right kinds of maps for employee progress and benchmarking will increasingly help companies ascertain how well staff members are doing in hitting necessary goals, as well as promoting better collaborative and interactive opportunities for continuing to cultivate positive employee growth.

Integration of new cloud and digital resources could promote better clarity among different levels of personnel into how each step of the process works. It also opens the door for improved communication between staff members that might otherwise not get the chance to regularly interact.These kinds of bonuses help make employees feel more connected and valued by their employers as a whole.

Offering the right options
One of the key ways to support these kinds of endeavors with sales performance management is through incentive programs. These solutions serve as a tangible way of showing staff members that their work has worth, more so than increasing interaction and individual presence. Such actions are productive and helpful in the overall processes of behavior and skill management, but offering measurable rewards for improvement can create trackable returns on investment.

Erb added that Canidium can locate the best incentive compensation solutions to fit any budget or current internal structure by balancing out cost in corporations and determining ROI. As with other current technology enhancements, offering personnel rewards for ongoing improvement will produce better sales outcomes, generate greater employment and assist entities in reducing the amount of negative results they see. Canidium assists companies in obtaining tools that generate such measurable metrics that can be experienced through employee tracking, training and coaching endeavors.

"When implementing a technology, it is key to understand where the data will be coming from, what impacts there are and who the changes will impact," said Erb, in regard to how companies are changing to accommodate new cloud and digital tools.

Canidium is helping companies reach this next level of connectivity and performance control by connecting them with various software and strategy opportunities that can help their operations run more smoothly. Canidium assists organizations determine what solutions include the tools necessary to work with employee strengths and weaknesses, create coaching options and provide incentives for ongoing enhancement. With cloud-enabled features, businesses using these tools promote even greater amounts of collaboration and transparency in the workplace. This will assist entities of all sizes in obtaining the level of functionality and business analytics planning that the right assortment of sales performance management tools can provide.