As a certified partner of CallidusCloud, Canidium often teams up with the company to implement projects and offer new solutions for customers.

In May, CallidusCloud CEO Leslie Stretch announced the impending end of life of TrueComp, the company’s legacy on-premise commission product. In preparation for this transition, CallidusCloud and Canidium have been working with TrueComp customers to migrate their systems to the Cloud.

Callidus Ends On-Premise

Read our infographic to explore your migration options.


Why Is CallidusCloud Making this Change?

The TrueComp offering served the needs and interests of customers and prospects in more conservative verticals, like financial services, banking and health insurance. These customers have intense data security and ownership concerns, and often need to follow certain strict regulations like HIPAA.

CallidusCloud kept the TrueComp solution alive for as long as possible, but the benefits of consolidating all their customers into a single-cloud SaaS product and code base finally reached the tipping point, making a separate on-premise product no longer practical.

The migration will offer a higher level of customer support and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Phasing out the TrueComp product will also let CallidusCloud’s engineers focus more on solving business problems rather than working out technical issues.


Making the Move

TrueComp has been a centerpiece of many enterprise companies’ sales operation and analytics information systems for years.

As CallidusCloud and Canidium team up to migrate these customers’ systems to the Cloud, both companies are having to overcome the challenges that often accompany large-scale migrations.

These migrations can be quite complicated for numerous reasons, including:

  • Tight integrations with customers’ other existing on-premise and cloud-based systems often require adjustments and rewiring to work with the cloud product.
  • Commission system pre- and post-processes often require relocation to new data centers.
  • Batch-processing windows can be “squeezed” by the introduction of new, time-consuming data transfer steps.

Tools like Landing Pad can ease some of these challenges, and Canidium has in-depth experience with completing this migration process. Our experts can help support your organization’s migration to a cloud-based commission solution and ensure a seamless transition without disrupting your business operations.

Contact Canidium for additional information on end-of-life dates for product support and migration options and strategies.