Canidium is proud to announce placing as a finalist on the 2013 Houston Business Journal’s (HBJ) Best Places to Work award.

This year, the score to achieve the nomination was raised to 85 out of 100 points on HBJ’s Best Places to Work list. Last year, the ranking criteria was 80 points or more, and only 78 companies made the list.

The rankings are based on the scores from a month-long employee engagement audit conducted by third-party expert Quantum Workplace.

The list ranks companies in four categories: Companies With 10 to 100 Employees; Companies With 101 to 500 Employees; Companies with 500 or More Employees; and Companies With a Significant Presence in Houston.

The rankings for each category will be announced  on Oct. 16. The rankings will also be revealed to print and digital subscribers in our Oct. 18 edition.