Companies want to make sure that their employees are doing the best job possible every time they start their workdays. That means providing them with the right tools to facilitate easy completion of these tasks. Offering solutions that only serve to hinder workflowcould result in lower engagement, declining productivity and negative customer relations, among other fallout.

Callidus is stepping in to help Logicalis create a more intuitive, fluid work environment for its staff. With a network of more than 3,000 people around the world, Logicalis announced it will use the CallidusCloud CPQ suite, helping them monitor sales times, turnover and a variety of other metrics designed to help people on the floor or online with completing transactions and reducing loss. This solution was picked in part for its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capacity, meaning the program itself is hosted in the cloud and is accessible through a web browser, making it easier for everyone in the company to access, no matter where they are. On top of that, the security and confidence SaaS options provide means that Logicalis can feel safe in utilizing mobile devices, even bring-your-own-device options, as secondary sales incentives that allow employees to keep their smartphones with them all day.

Resilience in SaaS structure
SaaS solutions have been becoming increasingly more popular in recent years. ZDNet recently posted the results of its SaaS comparison in the business world, citing an original study conducted in 2000 by Salesforce. After 13 years, cloud deployments have come a long way, and those that incorporate tracking, management and sales coaching options are among those doing well in these environments. The time savings realized through SaaS options compute easily into more sales for each employee, better customer relations and higher revenues overall. These tools also speed ease of access, are easily upgradable and can be retrofitted, updated or combined readily with other solutions to ensure longevity.

Unlike other kinds of software, the unique SaaS options Callidus offers can compensate for changes in technology, access points and user needs more readily than traditional options. Picking a cloud-based sales performance management client with SaaS management capabilities may be in a company's best interests, if they want to experience optimal cost cutting without losing functionality, and if their infrastructure is primed to handle it.