The healthcare industry has seen a multitude of federal mandates requiring more mobility and flexibility in the way its information is moved and stored. These necessary changes have resulted in an enhanced interest in the cloud and remote accessibility that not all healthcare firms are familiar with handling. That means a solution like that offered by CallidusCloud can be a welcome, helpful addition to their sales and management processes.

Blue Shield of California (BSC) recently announced it had partnered with Callidus to make use of its cloud software for its incentive compensation management (ICM) capabilities. The firm stated it hopes to increase its sales of insurance policies and other services in the state, making integration of leading sales tracking and motivation tools like these essential to success. The new solution will be put into play within the next few months as Blue Shield phases out its previous deployment, which currently serves more than 20,000 agents and independent contract sales professionals.

Adding CallidusCloud resources to its repertoire is expected to help the insurance company increase revenue and sales figures by allowing ease of use and tracking for all personnel, a statement from BSC explained. The intuitive user interface and range of tools offered by the CallidusCloud ICM program makes it one of the best in its class and a good fit for BSC.

"ICM has been proven to deliver significant financial and performance benefits by automating incentive and bonus plan administration and management of producers," said Callidus vice president Tom Davis.

Planning ahead
Incentive compensation management will likely playing an increasingly important role in the overall success of insurance organizations tied to the healthcare industry in coming months as the Affordable Care Act's requirements begin to take effect. Rising costs across the board could make it more difficult for sales personnel to close deals, with potential customers shying away from what they see as high premiums or associated medical expenses.

The Plain Dealer wrote that an Aetna study found the cost of plan coverage is expected to increase between 20 and 100 percent for some individuals, meaning considerable movement in insurance carriers could be on the horizon for healthcare providers such as BSC. While not all Americans will see increased rates in the coming year, businesses should be prepared with incentive management solutions in order to help spur sales in what could be a difficult economic climate.