There are many kinds of employees. Some inherently will work harder than others due to internal biases or ambitions, but others are less motivated. In order to create uniform effort, balance collaboration and improve teamwork, leaders need to be able to identify what kind of personality all of their followers have and come up with sales performance management techniques that work best for each staff member.

Employee labeling systems
A recent Salesforce infographic outlined some of the primary personas that managers should be mindful of. Out of the core sales group, one-fifth of all personnel will stand out as top performers. Over half are considered to be middle-of-the-road workers, hitting goals but failing to show ambition to do more than the minimum of what's expected of them. The last 25 percent of staff members are identified as those in need of the most work, people who need constant sales coaching to hit even basic goals. Once leaders understand where their employees fall on this scale, creating a gamification strategy for sales performance management is much easier.

The Salesforce research stated that combining a number of tactics is best for creating more uniform attentiveness and progress among team members. Primary among these strategies should be building up employee resources and offering more training opportunities. Coaches will need access to performance management software to track how each worker is doing with individual modules and educational programs, helping them identify which segments of workflow they need to work on most.

Targeting end results
On top of that, Salesforce said that managers need to improve non-financial support and recognition. Encouraging good behavior and thanking workers every day for the things they did best will enhance the motivation each staff member feels to do well. By making every person feel genuinely appreciated and recognized will increase team motivation and collaboration as well, making group goals easier to achieve.

As Business 2 Community stated, if one person on a team is exemplary and the majority of the others are merely mediocre, that unit won't be as successful as it might be otherwise. Just like a professional sports team relies on everyone doing a great job, so too do office groups need everyone in a department to strive to give their best. Sales coaching, much like sports coaching, needs to give attention to weaker players to ensure that they improve and rise the right level where stars can shine supported by a strong team.