How are you utilizing your NICE Performance Management (NPM) dashboards to increase ROI? It’s pivotal for your success to ensure that you keep your contact center agent’s behaviors aligned with the metrics that matter. Here’s how they can spend five minutes a day recalibrating their behaviors to increase contact center ROI.

  • Cleaner Dashboards: Keep agent dashboards between one and two pages. Any more and they’ll be spending too much time checking into numbers and have too many targets to focus on. Leave more in-depth analysis for a managerial level. In most cases, the agents shouldn’t be drilling into the report details on a daily basis.
  • Metrics that Matter: Keep only simple metrics that matter. You want your agents to spend time calling, not diving into metric intricacies. Managers and supervisors can look at more details to identify and coach behavioral patterns.
  • Alerts and Messages: Check all alerts, messages and tasks for any coaching opportunities or performance recognition, including statistics and goals. Correcting and coaching agent behaviors early can help re-align and keep metrics in the green.
  • Look for the Red: Dashboard metrics are measured in green (healthy), yellow (at risk) and red (unhealthy). Check for any metrics in yellow or red to determine your agents’ focus for the day.

As a contact center agent, time is critical to keep customer satisfaction high and time wasted low. By designing a NICE PM dashboard that empowers your agents to self-calibrate their call center behaviors, you can ensure a positive customer experience and increase your overall ROI with minimal time investment.