There are times when presenting employees with a challenge is not only helpful, it's necessary. An easy work-life balance is something that every company should promote for its personnel, but while at work, putting some stress on staff members is essential for ensuring that people don't become lethargic or lose interest in work. Employee engagement thrives on being offered new challenges and being forced to take risks, as these behaviors encourage innovative thinking and self-leadership in areas where personnel may not have ventured before. Making certain that these elements don't get out of hand is key for corporations deploying these tactics.

Working on performance
Business Insider wrote that working people into stressful situations gradually can help with overall performance in the long run. Using sales coaching techniques like putting people in the spotlight in front of small groups and working them up to larger audiences helps get staff members more comfortable talking to large meetings and makes them more articulate during cold calls. It also helps boost confidence and encourage active thinking, as well as granting individuals the chance to stand out from the crowd and be the center of attention.

This can also be a stressful experience, so managers need to be receptive to how employees are handling these challenges. The source stated that it's important to keep stress on a consistently increasing slope so that personnel don't feel overwhelmed. By amping up the amount of responsibility on a person in small increments, employees can handle more difficulties with ease.

Fostering a balance
In order to balance this stress and make workers' lives easier, it's important to encourage the right behaviors at home and in the office. Reducing negative elements in employees' daily routines can help make these challenges easier to meet, so cutting out harmful habits can have a significant impact on sales coaching in these respects.

According to a study by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, cutting down on clutter is the easiest way to achieve a better mentality at work. Cleaning a space and making it bright, open and airy encourages more active thinking and reduces sleepiness on the job. When people are engaged and feeling positive about their spaces, it's easier to get work done, and at a higher quality as well.