Improving sales figures requires continual small adjustments that create more effective pitches. Providing staff members with the right sales performance management can give them the confidence  to exceed monthly or quarterly goals. However, maintaining the right
approach could lift results even further.

Taking the time to focus on specific aspects of the sales process could greatly benefit any team, as it smoothes the flow of information through a company. If a department is not getting enough quality leads, it may be necessary to coordinate with the marketing department about the promotions that are running. Slight changes in the message can have a big effect on employees' abilities to develop a working relationship with prospective clients.

Addressing issues between the sales team and other companies makes it possible to create a smooth hand-off during long lead times, but organizations should also consider ways to reduce the time spent with the customers. As the economy tightened in the last decade, companies were less willing to spend on large investments, which created longer lead times. Focusing on streamlining the sales process could improve revenue while minimizing the resources needed to close a sale.

The adjustments that firms need to make also extend to their sales coaching strategies. In a blog for the Epoch Times, Dave Mather notes that 74 percent of sales forces fall short of annual quotas. To correct this, many organizations spend most of their time dealing with top and bottom-performers, while the majority of the sales workforce languishes in mediocrity.

Marketing experts know the importance of targeting campaigns to the audience, and the same principle applies to developing teams. Weaknesses will continue to linger and drag down performance if they are not addressed. Taking the time to focus on individuals or small sales teams lets the company improve the skills of the entire department. Working with the middle 40 percent of employees could bolster results enough to overcome those shortages.

Customized sales pitches are common when trying to appeal to clients. Sales performance management requires the same tailored approach to maximize results, as this increases the ability of staff members to realize the benefits of new techniques and technology. However, even as the company focuses on a portion of the sales process, it should also maintain its view of long-term objectives. This ensures the organization is working toward creating value at every step of the process.