Sales performance management (SPM) is a herculean task that requires considerable interpersonal skills and patience. An effective manager can help staffers process an increased number of transactions and build better rapport with loyal clients and prospective customers.

Employees quickly notice when their bosses aren't performing well. In a survey, Inc. Magazine found that 65 percent of respondents would rather have better managers than receive raises. Organization, affability, experience and patience are traits that most effective sales managers share.

Staying organized is the key to success in the sales arena. It's impossible to analyze reams of data without having all necessary information readily available. If you can't quickly access your team's quarterly sales or projected revenue stream, you can't monitor trends and appropriately adjust your business strategy.

SPM software helps you stay organized without creating multiple databases for all of your figures. You can update your logs as transactions are processed so you can analyze your staffers' performances. The information can show you who can benefit from sales coaching and who is exceeding expectations.

A friendly disposition goes a long way toward effectively managing employees. In Inc. Magazine's survey, respondents cited the inability to be a team player as one of the most common traits of ineffective managers. Leaders have to be affable and kind to their staffers to encourage more sales.

You shouldn't be too friendly with your sales staff, but they should know that they can come to you with their problems and feel comfortable speaking with you in the office. If your employees feel as if your door isn't open to their concerns or think that they should seek assistance from personnel other than you, workplace satisfaction and productivity might suffer.

The most effective managers are the ones who've been in their staffers' shoes. It's difficult to connect with your employees if you've never faced their struggles or understood their motivations. A background in sales is important if you want your business to succeed under your supervision. Additionally, ascending up your company's ranks helps you learn which sales incentives are most effective for motivating representatives.

The Houston Chronicle writes that patience is a trait that should be shared by all sales managers. Every day brings new challenges that can't be tackled without making the proper preparations. Managers must willing to learn and not dive headlong into every problem without considering the proper course of action.