SAP Commissions Packaged solution by Canidium

Canidium for SAP T&Q and SAP Workflow

Canidium for SAP T&Q and Workflow
Canidium for SAP T&Q and Workflow

Canidium for SAP T&Q and SAP Workflow

  • Canidium was the #1 partner for implementations in 2018 and 2019
  • Canidium’s consultants are 100% SAP certified
  • Canidium received the SAP North American Partner Excellence Award for CX in 2020
  • Canidium is a leader in T&Q and Workflow

Watch a short SAP Territory and Quota demo

David Kohari, Canidium’s SVP of Strategic Services and Customer Success, highlights a few features of SAP’s Territory & Quota (SAP T&Q). Viewers can expect to better understand how SAP T&Q helps optimize territory and account coverage, increases visibility and improves tracking of business processes, digitizes manager and rep collaboration, automates data entry and reduces manual errors, and more. Click the button below to schedule a one-on-one demo with the team!

Watch a short SAP Workflow demo

Dakota Lewis, a Consultant for Canidium’s dedicated SAP Commissions practice, walks viewers through some of the key features and benefits of Workflow. Watch our demo to learn how this solution can pair with Commissions to handle any associated business processes and improve efficiency, transparency, and accuracy. Want to speak with the team directly? Just click the button below!

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