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Canidium for SAP Commissions

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Canidum for SAP® Commissions

  • Canidium was the #1 partner for implementations in 2018 and 2019
  • Canidium’s consultants are 100% SAP certified
  • Canidium offers pre-built, packaged solutions for SAP Commissions
  • Canidium received the SAP North American Partner Excellence Award for CX in 2020
  • 90%+ of Canidium’s implementations are fixed-fee

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Canidium’s SAP Commissions Technical Practice Lead walks the viewer through some of the key features and benefits of SAP Commissions. Learn how this solution can help transform your sales operations; from increasing transparency and motivating reps, to helping sales leaders increase the efficiencies of their team. Schedule a one-on-one demo below, where our team can answer any other questions you may have!

Watch a short demo on reporting features

Ellen Pugleasa, Reporting Architect, walks viewers through some of the challenges that Crystal Reporting can solve, and how it enhances SAP Commissions. These custom reports can be used to build upon OOTB reporting solutions or to add to existing reporting libraries, and provide more information to your admin team and payees. Ellen covers Crystal reporting at both the payee level and the admin level. If you’d like to learn more about Crystal Reporting, schedule a one-on-one demo below by clicking the button below!

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Canidium for SAP Commissions

Pre-built, packaged solutions for small, midsized, and enterprise companies.
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Qualified Partner Packaged Solution

Our Experience

Canidium was the number one implementation partner in 2018 and 2019, making us the most experienced partner with SAP Commissions. Canidium has a twelve-year history with the product, having a pre-existing partnership with CallidusCloud since our inception. 

Our Value

We’re an SAP Silver Partner, with 100% certified consultants and a practice dedicated to SAP Sales Cloud solutions. An added benefit for our customers is our competitive pricing, giving you the most ROI and helping you speed to increased sales and revenue.

Our Proof

Canidium is the go-to implementation partner for SAP Commissions, and led two years in a row in the number of projects. This year, Canidium was named SAP Customer Experience’s North American Partner of the Year! 

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