Any sales organization that requires a salesperson to create unique product configurations, calculate custom pricing, and deliver immediate quotes runs a risk. With so many variables in play, this process is easily error prone and timely, which can ultimately complicate the sales cycle.

Automating these processes by adopting a Configure-Price Quote (CPQ) software solution helps to automate this process and reduce errors by:

  • Automating the proposal and quote process, allowing for increased productivity and more sales time
  • Simplifying internal approvals on new deals by automatically including the latest pricing from within your organization
  • Providing templates and tools that allow for faster and more professional proposals
  • Utilizing data to suggest valuable upsells and cross-sells

Whether you already have an under-utilized CPQ system or you are starting from scratch, our solutions experts can help you identify, design, and deploy the right CPQ solution for your organization. To learn more about the features and benefits on each of the configure, price, and quote functions explore below:


Eliminate configuration errors and enable your sales representatives to offer solutions faster and more efficiently by using a consistent and easy-to-follow configuration and pricing process.


When using a manual quoting processes, pricing can be just as complex as configuring the solution. CPQ is a robust computing platform to handle all your complex pricing calculations. By streamlining your pricing approach, your sales team will produce more accurate quotes.


With CPQ, you are able to send out a quote almost instantly, decreasing the time it takes to close a sale. Your quotes will be automatically generated and applied to contracts in record timing making the process easier than ever before.

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