Balance Simplicity & Sales Strategy

The right compensation plan for your organization balances simplicity with sales strategy alignment. Compensation planning directs sales behaviors, allowing sales people to prioritize their time and maximize their selling effort.

From design to execution, Canidium partners with your team to reign in complexity creep to create a compensation plan design that the sales team will cheer.

A key difference in our approach is reviewing your entire sales system including:

  • Organization structure and span of control
  • Approach to talent including training, development, and coaching
  • Sales processes and tools
  • Compensation and reward systems

We broaden our view of sales performance to ensure top performer pay is realistic and achievable. In our designs we look to motivate and differentiate rewards for your core performers, properly incentivizing the final push to achieve their goals. Our compensation plans are also designed to clearly identify laggard performers who require intervention.

These three performance clusters are the inputs to our modeling efforts. We identify their current category and any changes under the new plan. Further, we model future scenarios across a range of performance outcomes for fiscal sensitivity and feasibility.

Our compensation plan design services are laser focused on execution. We want the new plan to be adopted and see the selling behavior change as quickly as possible. This speeds your time to value from the design phase and quickly materializes in revenue performance.

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