Houston, TX February 23, 2017 — (PR.com) — Canidium has launched a new training portal for its employees in Q1 of 2017, through its Learning Program Management Office.

The learning portal is a web-based tool to help existing employees identify cross-training opportunities, new technology offerings, job aids and “how to” resources, and to onboard new employees.

Rodney Ray, Learning Manager, states, “We had an existing learning management system (LMS) in place, but we also had quite a few resources in a variety of other locations. So it was not always obvious where to find what you were looking for. The portal provides a solution for quickly finding materials regardless of whether they are on a network drive, a partner site, our LMS, or other places on the web.”

“Improving and maximizing employee satisfaction has been a continual focus here at Canidium.  By giving our employees the resources they need to enhance their skills and to quickly solve problems, we can better support our customers and partners as well,” states Canidium VP of Strategic Services and Customer Success, David Kohari.

Canidium is planning a Q2 release of the portal, which will offer additional social, media and crowdsourcing functionality.

About Canidium:

Canidium is the leading sales and service performance and incentive compensation management consultancy. We offer a unique approach for building your performance management program – by aligning positive behaviors to better results with a consistent focus on ROI. Canidium’s unbiased perspective incorporates domain best practices and top vendor technologies to achieve optimal outcomes. We provide strategy, delivery and managed services as components of an integrated portfolio to help our customers achieve their corporate goals and objectives.

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