Houston, TX January 13, 2018 – Canidium announces recent hires and promotions in a period of extreme growth to close out 2017.

“It’s great to see our team expand and to see the tremendous growth exhibited by our recently promoted employees,” says Canidium Founder, Michael Stus. “We’re confident that with our talented and committed staff we’re better than ever able to offer our customers exceptional service and look forward to a successful and thriving 2018.”

Recent hires include Michael Nagorski, Manager, Rob Dyni, Director Strategic Services, Tanner Costello, IT Intern, Erick Carvajal, LATAM Sales Account Executive, Amy Brehm, Consultant, and Brianna Cummings, Hannah Roy, and Liz Kaloupek as Analysts.

Recently promoted Canidium team members include Connor Barry, Matt Hausbeck, Andrew Kim, Nick Metcalf, and Chris Pickens to Consultant; Ellen Blankers and Ike Katshungu to Senior Analyst; and Lindsey Marquard, Ryan Herchenbech, and JD Richardson to Lead Consultant. Additional promotions include Rob Nelson and Chris Wade to Senior Consultant, Marco Ortiz to Architect, Don Rahn to Manager, and Kate Kenny to HR Generalist.

To learn more about current and future openings within Canidium, visit www.canidium.com/about/careers.

About Canidium:
Canidium is the leading sales and service performance and incentive compensation management consultancy. We offer a unique approach for building your performance management program – by aligning positive behaviors to better results with a consistent focus on ROI. Canidium’s unbiased perspective incorporates domain best practices and top vendor technologies to achieve optimal outcomes. We provide strategy, delivery and managed services as components of an integrated portfolio to help our customers achieve their corporate goals and objectives.

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