Xactly Analytics Offerings

Not sure where to start with creating Xactly Analytics solutions for your users? You are probably already compiling a wealth of useful data points as part of the effort to process your incentives. Let Canidium help you harness this valuable information to take your sales and incentive reporting output to the next level. Whether your needs can be met with standard reports or custom builds, let us configure Xactly Analytics for you and set your data free.

Analytics Readiness Assesment

To start, we recommend a thorough review of your current reporting needs and we will identify all needed data points to ensure that they are being sourced on your order and position records. Additional “reporting only” calculations may be recommended to populate these reports for metrics which might not be directly tied to payout results. We will make sure that you have the supporting data present to effectively populate the desired Xactly Analytics reports.

Standard Analytics Bundle

  • Revenue Analysis Dashboard, includes Total Order Amount and # of Orders, Top 10 Customers by Order Amount and Top 10 Products Sold by Order Amount
  • Team Performance, including Top 10 Performers by Total Order Amount, Annual Incentive Target Attainment (by person), Quarterly Quota Attainment by Person QTD (by person) and Annual Quota Attainment by Person YTD (by person)
  • Incentive Analysis, including Total Payments by Period, Payment Summary, Total Commission, Bonus and Draw by Period and Total Bonus by Type
  • Cost Analysis, including Total Incentive Expense, Number of Credits per Order by Period, Top 10 Products by Commission, Top 10 Products by Bonus and Top 10 Products by Payment

Custom Analytics Bundle

When standard Xactly Analytics templates do not fully meet more complex reporting needs, we can create custom reporting templates configured to match your specific pay structures and your specific business processes. Examples of past custom Analytics builds we have done for our clients include:

  • Complete monthly order count and amount, by line, grouped by customer
  • Purchase history by product by customer for the processing year, with associated commission rates for payees
  • Spiff summary for team leader viewing, by subordinate and spiff type for the processing year
  • Line item detail for all order revenue contributing to a specific year-end bonus payment, by payee
  • Gross margin rankings by product, by sales team, by rep, by geography, etc.
  • Product mix and grouping, showing the most common items that are sold together
  • Discount rate analysis to help determine whether discounts are producing the desired effect on increasing sales

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