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A key factor in running a successful sales performance management program is collecting and analyzing the right data points. Is your program healthy? Have sales truly improved? Where does the plan need to be adjusted? The answers to these questions all hinge on proper data collection and management.

Your team is motivated by success and incentives, and it’s important that you keep your incentive plan balanced. Achieving balance requires regular data analysis and potential plan changes and improvements as your program evolves. Data allows your program to be continually accurate, timely, consistent, accessible, and relevant.

Canidium helps companies sort through performance management complexities of all shapes and sizes, by leveraging your data. Whether you’re adopting your first SPM plan, or you’re improving your existing program, our team of experts is ready to help you start collecting the right data and leveraging it with powerful analytics [link to analytics page].

If you are ready to see what advanced data management can do for your performance management plan and business, get in touch with us today!

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