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Sales Performance Management is a unique and vital element of every business. It is unique in the sense that it is judged by the most quantifiable of metrics, sales results, while simultaneously governed and dependent on the most immeasurable of factors: sales skill, behavior and motivation. No aspect of any business bows to this mix of art and science to the same degree.

At Canidium, we help companies balance the dynamic and mysterious elements of SPM with reliable and sound tenets. We believe SPM should be used as a strategic tool and rarely is used to its full potential. The core of sales performance is motivating the sales person. Salespeople are motivated by incentives and enabled by coaching. All businesses provide incentives and coaching, but not all businesses are successful. In our experience, the disparity is not one of creativity or knowledge of inhouse professionals. The difference between successful SPM programs and unsuccessful programs lie in the execution and operations.

Referencing the quote above, it’s funny but true. Sales performance management should keep sales people mysteriously nervous and motivated to perform. However, if they don’t trust the infrastructure to be clear, accurate, timely and otherwise un-mysterious, then all motivation is lost and sales suffer.

We pride ourselves on removing the mystery and allowing SPM tools to do what they are intended to do. ROI follows closely behind sound execution, and that is our calling card.

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