When using a manual quoting processes, pricing can be just as complex as configuring the solution. CPQ is a robust computing platform to handle all your complex pricing calculations. Canidium can help you streamline your pricing approach, allowing your sales team to produce more accurate quotes.

Our team is ready to evaluate your needs and recommend the right configure, price, quote software and solutions.

Price Features

CPQ quote features that can help your team overcome common challenges:

Shopping Cart

Using rules-based Shopping Cart with a powerful automated Workflow engine, offers flexibility to internal, external sales and customers to price products and mitigate the following challenges:

  • Adding promotional, optional and alternative products
  • Automatically create quotes for renewal opportunities
  • Automatically calculate support and maintenance
  • Upsell and cross-sell products
  • Collaboration with sales team and customer
  • Offer multi-year term options
  • Automatically calculate taxes and shipping
  • Support complex custom calculations
  • Automated approvals

Automated Approvals

Without CPQ, for every approval that is required hours, and sometimes days, are added to the time it takes to get the quote to the customer. This negatively impacts bottom line and customer satisfaction. Inbuilt approval rules in CPQ can allow for automated approvals and mitigate following challenges:

  • Establishing guardrails in the system that keep sales people within corporate policies such as discount rates or payment terms
  • Reducing excessive discounts and protecting margin
  • Automatically approve compliant quotes
  • Enable flexible discounting with margin indicators that protect you from exposing costs
  • Minimize approval delays in non-standard discounts and negotiations

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