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Canidium provides Configure Price Quote consulting services to maximize your CPQ investment. CPQ is an automated process that generates quote proposals for sales teams. The process includes assessing product variables, creating accurate pricing, generating quotes, and then applying those quotes to contracts. Our solution architects and configuration consultants have several years of combined experience in delivering complex CPQ solutions across several domains and are able to match your needs with the product’s capability. Our in-house learning program backed by our top CPQ experts, keeps our consultants up to date on the newest technologies and enables them to deliver a solid solution.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) does more than automate the quote and proposal process. CPQ provides you with pricing behavior intelligence to help determine pricing trends. See what products are selling most, to whom, when, and at what price. CPQ allows you to quickly configure, price, quote, propose, and sell your offerings from any device. Whether you sell direct business to business or through ecommerce, you can respond to your customers on their timelines.

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