Customized Configure, Price, Quote Solutions

In any sales organization using a manual quote process, you run the risk of falling behind and losing deals to competitors or losing revenue due to inaccurate or un-optimized proposals. By implementing configure, price, quote (CPQ) software and methodologies, you will optimize a number of steps in your sales process, making your sales team more efficient and accurate.

Adopting CPQ software helps your team by:

  • Automating the proposal and quote process, allowing for increased productivity and more sales time
  • Smoothing out internal approvals on new deals by automatically including the latest pricing from within your organization
  • Providing templates and tools that allow for faster and more professional proposals
  • Utilizing data to provide valuable upsells and cross-sells, and staying on top of pricing trends to increase overall quote value

Whether you already have an under-utilized CPQ system or you are starting from scratch, our solutions experts can help you identify, design, and deploy the right CPQ solution for your organization.

To learn more about the features and benefits on each of the configure, price, and quote functions explore below:


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