We like to think of Design as the foundation for success, or the strategy for your performance management program. For Canidium, our strategy practice includes the more traditional aspects of plan design as well as operational assessment, benchmarking, roadmapping, and technology evaluation and selection. In addition, we embed this strategic services methodology into our implementation to ensure continuity of business focus and support of organizational change management.


Deliver is the deployment of the program. The biggest aspect of this is solution implementation, where Canidium has deep expertise with all of the major vendors in the market today. But we know that a program also has organizational and process considerations that must be addressed. As partners, we cannot succeed without a clear appreciation of both the success criteria expected as well as the operational improvements required. Therefore, our culture and our methodology constantly reinforce a comprehensive approach to performance management.


Manage is a critical aspect of the entire process and probably the least emphasized and most overlooked. We focus on this part of the equation extensively and strive to educate and prepare our customers for this eventuality knowing that operationalizing and supporting these programs is quite often more challenging than the deployment of the solution. We come to the table with options for ongoing technical and strategic support, helping our customers to reach their desired level of autonomy over time. Supported by our Canidium Passport methodology, we’re here with you after deployment to adapt, adopt and optimize your program over time.

Lisa, Security Company
"The extra effort put forward to build a stronger relationship with us is greatly recognized by our IT leadership team. We would like our relationship to evolve further to partner with Canidium on more strategic initiatives and bring the maturity model to a higher level. Thanks for your support and partnership!"